Utilicomm-solutions-carrierCarrier services play a critical role in today’s IT environment, providing headquarters, mobile workers and remote sites with connectivity to applications, data and the cloud. However, many organizations select carrier services based upon immediate needs, and don’t have the time or expertise to evaluate lower-cost options that can improve performance and business continuity. They also lack the resources to regularly review carrier invoices for accuracy and ensure that providers are meeting their SLAs.

UtiliComm’s engineers are trained and certified in all carrier services, including PRI, private line, integrated access, managed VPN, dedicated Internet access, MPLS, Ethernet and hosted PBX Solutions. We stay abreast of changes in the industry and can help you take advantage of the latest offerings from each carrier with whom we partner.

We start by evaluating your existing carrier services to determine if more efficient and cost-effective alternatives could better meet your business requirements. We then provision and manage the implementation of the carrier services your organization needs for voice, video and data.

We can help ensure that your service provider is billing you correctly and that you are getting the services you contracted for. In the typical environment, UtiliComm can reduce telecommunications costs by thousands of dollars annually without any service disruptions.