Utilicomm-solutions-contact centerIn today’s hyper-competitive environment, organizations must deliver high levels of customer service across multiple communications channels — voice, email, chat, text messaging or social media. However, implementing a true multichannel contact center can be difficult and expensive, and create management headaches for the IT team.

UtiliComm has the expertise to help you overcome these challenges. We have implemented the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center solution for organizations of all sizes, from small, informal teams to large enterprises that demand sophisticated call routing, customer self-service options and outbound campaign capabilities. Every solution is built upon ShoreTel’s robust distributed platform, with built-in redundancy and disaster recovery features that virtually eliminate downtime.

The ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center system has the intelligence to direct customers to the right agent every time, and enable each agent to efficiently interact with customers via their preferred communication channel. This all-in-one solution also delivers advanced multimedia and outbound capabilities on the same platform, consolidating administration and management and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

ShoreTel provides powerful reporting capabilities and customizable dashboards for better decision-making, and integrates seamlessly with leading customer relationship management (CRM) systems for even greater productivity. Together, UtiliComm and ShoreTel can help you drive greater revenue and customer satisfaction by delivering an optimal customer experience.