Years ago, many IT industry analysts proclaimed that the PC was dead — that mobile devices would become the computing endpoint of choice for workers everywhere. In reality, most people still use PCs for heavy computing tasks and resource-intensive applications. The decline in the PC market can largely be attributed to consumer preferences for smartphone and tables. In a business environment, PCs and laptops remain the primary endpoint.

In fact, a new survey from research firm Techaisle found that U.S. small businesses plan to purchase more than 11 million PCs in 2017. Although the research firm predicts that 8.4 million units represents a more likely PC procurement scenario, that’s still a big jump from 2015 when only 2.6 million PCs were purchased.

According to the survey, one-third of small businesses buy their PCs from electronics retailers and one-fourth direct from PC manufacturers. However, buying PCs “off the shelf” limits your options and creates a hodge-podge environment that’s difficult to manage. Smart businesses recognize the importance of having a sound PC procurement strategy that gives end-users the resources they need while keeping a lid on total cost of ownership (TCO).

Although a piecemeal approach to PC replacement might seem cheaper and easier, it’s actually more cost-effective to have a limited number of configurations. That’s why large enterprises tend to have a handful of approved PC “images” — it streamlines the procurement process, minimizes compatibility headaches and limits the number of configurations that the help desk must support.

Nevertheless, PC deployments remain a pain point for even the largest organizations. Procurement often comes with complicated quoting processes and long product lead times. Once the products are delivered onsite, IT teams must burn-in, test and configure the equipment — resource-intensive tasks that take IT staff away from their day-to-day activities. It’s little wonder that small businesses are tempted to purchase their PCs online.

Frontech is a provider of customized PCs and servers that eliminate these hassles. Skilled technicians build each PC to your specifications then pack, ship and deliver them to your site for streamlined rollouts. Every system is built by one technician (not an assembly line) and comes with a one-year parts and three-year service warranty.

Frontech PCs are better than brand-name systems because they are built using interchangeable, Open Architecture parts. Most of the major PC manufacturer use their own, proprietary parts, which are more expensive to replace if something goes wrong. In fact, proprietary parts can easily double or triple the cost of repairs.

Frontech’s custom PC solutions provide a number of benefits:

  • Simplified Sourcing. Customers can procure best-of-breed PCs and servers through a single provider with reduced product lead times.
  • Streamlined Procurement and Fulfillment. The Frontech team validates configurations and quickly initiates order fulfillment. Frontech can also provide ongoing fulfillment of commonly used configurations.
  • Greater Consistency. Precise configuration and assembly processes ensure consistency throughout your environment.

Mobile devices are great on the go, but they’re not a replacement for a solid desktop environment. Frontech can help ensure the quality and consistency of your PCs while reducing costs and procurement headaches.

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